Save a Golf Course

Eagle Putt


We all want a chance at an eagle putt. Here's your chance - a $100 contribution gets you the chance to get 6 plays. That's 180 holes of golf, including a riding cart. Take this putt, and help score a save!

Limited to the first 1000 golfers

Birdie Putt


Here's a great opportunity to score a birdie, and make a difference.

A $75  contribution gets you 4 rounds of golf - for yourself, or bring a foursome - and see for yourself why we want you to help us save this course.

Limited to the first 1000 golfers

You'll want to have each member of your regular group get one of these!

The "Albatross"


One of the rarest of scores in golf, the albatross offers the most for those who truly wish to save another course.

A $500 donation will get you 24 rounds a year, for 2 years. That's less than $11 a round for golf on a classic, tree-lined course with new Sunday bermuda greens - the best in the area.

Limited to the first 200 golfers

"Sandie" - Sand Save


Everyone feels good about getting it 

up & down from a bunker, and saving par. Here's how you can feel REALLY good about saving something

A simple, one-time donation of $200 gets you 16 rounds of golf. That's 4 4-somes, including carts. Or, treat yourself 16 times to a beautiful golf experienc at our classic layout, with tree-lined fairways and new greens.

Limited to the first 500 golfers

Even Par


Even par - a good score by any means. Who doesn't want to be even par?

For a $250 donation, you can bring 5 4-somes to play our cool little course, or keep them all yourself. Once you play here, you'll want to come back again and again.

Limited to the first 300 golfers.

Why these programs?


Over the past few years, hundreds of golf courses have closed all over the country. While other courses were closing, Scotfield was clearing out trees, installing new greens, and now we have a new cart fleet due to arrive any day. We still need your help, to make sure that this special course, started by the community, continues to reinvent itself, and provide the experience of golf in the country - the way it should be!